Studies, a dream trip or the first apartment are the goals of many young people. If yours too, you probably wonder where to get the money for.

When you cannot finance your dreams out of your own pocket, banks with a loan offer come out to meet them. Check if you have a chance to get a loan for young people.

The research of the Good Finance Investment shows that young Poles (aged 18-35) were in debt over USD 535 million. This means that loans for young people are not impossible.

You must be careful not to fall into a spiral of debt


However, as with any liability, you must be careful not to fall into a spiral of debt. Discover the possibilities that you can use to avoid regretting your youth debts in your forties.

Arrears of young people are often the result of overestimating their own financial capabilities, which leads to a spiral of debt.

It starts with the idea that this time I will spend more on entertainment, and I will postpone the payment of the phone bill to the next month, without being aware that for overdue invoices for a total amount of at least USD 200 you can already get into the register of debtors. And such entry blocks in banks, but not only financing for the future or the purchase of certain services.

Student loan


Student loans are the most popular among young people who are going to universities. This is because this form of financing your livelihood during your studies is the cheapest and repayment of the student loan is subsidized by the state.

Student loan costs are much lower than those associated with cash loans. Student loans can be used for any purpose related to studies, maintenance or even investment.

Who can apply for a student loan:

  • Students of public and private universities who started their education before the age of 25,
  • Ph.D. students,
  • students of military academies,
  • students of the Main School of Fire Service.

Students are eager to choose a GFI student loan, among others due to the fact that it is the largest Polish bank, and also very popular among people from small towns. If you want to use the student loan offered by the GFI BP bank, you should submit the following documents to the bank’s branch:

  • document confirming the admission to studies,
  • statement on the amount of income in the student’s household,
  • certificate of having student status,
  • documents related to loan collateral.

Youth loan can be secured by a surety by Bank, surety on general principles according to Of the Civil Code.

GFI Student Loan fees

  • The bank does not charge a preparation fee for examining the application and for the preparation and conclusion of the contract if you have an account.
  • When you use GFI’s guarantee to secure loan repayment – a commission of GFI is currently charged to 1.5% on each guaranteed loan tranche.
  • There is no fee for early repayment.
  • A commission of 2% is charged on the amount of each loan tranche disbursed for ROR account holders at GFI Bank Polski.

Online loans for young people


You already know what is the best solution for a student. But what if you don’t study yet and need extra cash?

If your income is high enough, you don’t have to worry about your creditworthiness and you can consider a cash loan. A great convenience for future borrowers are online loans , which you can use when you receive remuneration transfers to your account.

Loan payday loans and loans without GFI are available in the offer of loan companies, which can tempt young people with speed and lack of unnecessary formalities. However, you must remember that any delay in paying such liability can be very costly.

What do young Poles spend the money on?


The report ” Financial Life of Young Poles”, implemented by the Good Finance Investment Corporation in cooperation with Good Finance, shows that young people borrow, among others for: computer games, tank, boat, horses, pedigree dogs, spider, yacht or quads.

Young people also invest in their own appearance and health, e.g. slimming tablets, plastic surgery, dentures, glasses, breast implants, orthodontic appliances. Loans are also used for holiday trips, trips abroad, balloon flight or deep-sea cruise.

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